The Power of Twitter

Last week I mentioned that my mother found a kitten at the airport and rescued him. Sadly, as we couldn’t keep him we had to take him to DARG in Hout Bay (totally heartbreaking). I posted about the little munchkin, who we named Oliver, on both Facebook and Twitter. I was hoping (against hope) someone would want him. I didn’t really think I had a chance.

But then Nicci responded, tagging her friend Nicole as she’d been looking for a kitten. We had a quick Twitter chat about Oliver and she told me she was going to investigate with DARG. Honestly? I didn’t think anything would come of it. I thought it was probably just one of those things people say to get cat-obsessed weirdos to stop messaging them on Twitter.

But then! Best of days, she tweeted me later in the week to let me know she’d booked him and on Saturday she tweeted the above pic of the cuteness himself. I’m usually not a fan of Twitter, I find it too much ego and not enough real, but this little incident really made me want to hug the platform. It gave me a new sense of hope of the power of Twitter to connect and make a difference (even if it’s just in the life of a small ginger kitten.)

Thanks to Nicci for letting me know about Nicole and to Nicole for being the most amazing human and adopting the gorgeous snook, may you two be super happy together (and may Princess Jasmine come around!).

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