The Week That Was

These seem pretty popular on several blogsites, so I am going to summarise my week. In time I hope to fine tune this feature, but let’s get it rolling.

1. Rescued a kitten

Well, I didn’t quite rescue it, but my mother did. She found a male kitten of just a few months old at the airport when she dropped of my aunt and decided to rescue it. Was remarkably tame, sat on her lap all the way home and when she fetched me to help her deal with it, it slept on my lap. Unfortunately we were unable to keep him, so we took him to DARG in Hout Bay. I just hope someone gives him a home!

2. Had Ice-Cream…Twice!

Om-nom-nom, with my aunt down we went to Hout Bay on Saturday and have ice-cream at my fave place, Ice-Dream. And on Sunday my mom took my boyfriend and I to the shop again to say thank you for helping with the kitten.

3. Saw some friends

Now, I’m pretty anti-social lately (my bed, series and Skyrim are my ideal evening), but it was nice to see some old high school friends this weekend. It was a weird night for me overall, but seeing old faces and talking late into the night was an amazing experience and made me realise how much I miss these people and how awesome they all are.

4. Dexter

I’ve started watching the latest season of Dexter, season 6. I know it’s already finished in the States, but I’m just getting to it now. So far? Unsure.

5. Skyrim

It’s ok. I admit it. I am addicted to Skyrim. My computer may run slowly and I may spend most of my time sneaking to avoid getting munched by wild animals (level 43 sneak, overall level? 9. sigh) But its open-ended gameplay is actually really awesome. I love that I can take on a whole bunch of different missions or just wander off into the hills. Thanks to the BF for providing it for me.

6. Finished The Best of Me

The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks (writer of The Notebook and Dear John, amongst others) was mushy, mostly predictable chick lit. Just what my brain ordered for my daily train journeys (more on that later this month). It’s the story of two people, who had a great love affair as teenagers. The kind that changes lives. That makes you who you are. Things fall apart but then, decades later, circumstances lead them back together for a weekend that will again alter the course of both of their lives. Forever. A great book? Hardly. Awful? Not that either. I’d give it a paltry 2/5, but it was fluff for my brain.

7. Did a Zero Alcohol Ten Days

Ok, give or take a sip or two of the BF’s beer, the past ten or so days have been spent on no-booze diet due to having to take antibiotics. And it was good. I love a cool glass of wine or an icy beer after a long day, but kicking back with a glass of sweet fruit juice as just as good. If not better. Something to keep at, it seems.

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