The Unmasked Manifesto

Found this on one of my favourite blogsites, hellogigles (link below). Click on the video after the jump to watch it before you read my ramble on it.

I want to believe this. I want this to be true, for the line that got to me the most was “I am enough.” And working in teen media, these are ideals that I really want to instil in teens. That beauty is not defined by our looks. That beauty is not the perfect amalgamation of make-up, money and good genes. That it’s more. That it is, cheesily enough, more than skin deep. That each of my readers is a gorgeous, complete, worthwhile girl – just the way she is. Whether she’s top of her class or at the bottom, flawless skin or troubled by acne, the most popular girl or the least. I want a generation of women who believe in their own intrinsic, irrefutable worth.

But how do we inspire this when, as a society, we are so obsessed with celebs? How many celebs stray from the ‘conventional’ path, in terms of beauty alone? Our ideals of beauty are every harder to achieve. Now, we have the gorgeous Andrej Pejic modeling in women’s lines. A man modeling star pieces in women’s collections – creating an ideal we, as women, can never hope to meet. And how many celebs are judged, primarily, on their current weight, hairstyle and dress? Or, worse still, who they’re currently dating.

But apart from leaving behind the conventional ideas of beauty being tied to the physical, it’s the idea that I am enough that I struggle with. I know, in some part of my head, this statement holds truth. But I always believe that I could be skinnier, smarter, funnier, more in the know and so on. It’s nothing but my own insecurities, but how does one come to really accept that they, just as they are, are enough? If you have any ideas, I’d really like to know.

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