Lessons In Indepedence

It’s been almost a year since I left my parent’s home and struck out on my own. Last year, I lived with a friend in a large, old (aka: falling apart) two-bedroom place and now, this year, I’m in a cosy modern bachelor flat.

I’ve learnt some things, living without my parental units. Most of them are entirely useless. But I thought I’d share anyway. Here’s my Top Ten Lessons From Living Alone

1. Carrots (even when diced) don’t stir fry easily. Or at all.
2. When attaching the outflow pipe of your washing machine to the tap over the sink, do it well. Otherwise you flood the kitchen. In case of flooding, avoid the pool of water if there’s an appliance in said pool. You’ll also avoid potential electrocution.
3. Also, don’t dye your hair and do washing at the same time. You’re just daring the Gods of Disaster.
4. Soup = sauce, only cheapier.
5. When a hotplate is splashed with hot water containing oil, it can and will catch a light. Flail and panic. On this tangent, popcorn is highly flammable as well.
6.  Even if a tupperware SAYS it’s microwave friendly, using it to make popcorn will result in it melting. Popcorn is both awesome and lethal.
7. Mr Muscle Floor cleaner cleans basically everything.
8.  Climbing inside your duvet case to put your duvet inside, when you have a queen sized duvet, only results in you getting lost and stuck inside the duvet cover.
9. Ants will infest your home at the most inconvenient time. Like 1am. Killing them with a can of bug spray, effective. But not conducive to a great sleeping environment.
10. Couscous is the god of foods. Fact.

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