Kids These Days

I continuously see friends and acquaintances bark on about ‘when I was a kid’ (for fuck’s sake, people, you’re not even 30 yet). All they have to say is derogatory things about them, claiming their lives suck because their cartoons are 3D animation and not 2D. They all have cellphones. They don’t have good music. That everything these days is mass created, cheap and tacky. It’s a rant I’ve gone on plenty of times before, but this image really helps sum it up for me. Of course you’re not going to like what kids these days have because we’re all too attached to the nostalgia of being kids and believing that whatever we had as kids was the best, that it was a golden time that nothing can compare to. But that’s exactly how these “kids” feel – that what they’re experiencing is awesome and the ultimate. And generations before us felt the same we (well, not me) do – that us kids had no idea what a proper childhood was like, what real music was, what entertainment truly meant. They just didn’t have the internet or memes to continuously beat the dead horse on.

My point? Shut up. Younger generations are cool. They have it good too. They’ll look back with the same golden nostalgia when they reach our age, the ripe old age of 20-something. Only, hopefully, they won’t be as narrow-minded and closed off to younger generations as mine has been. I can only hope the prejudice of my generation teaches the younger generations that prejudice is, well, for small-minded people unable to see beyond their own experiences and see good in anything apart from what they’ve lived.


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