The nine-to-five


I have it really good. I work for a brand whose mission I believe in with my whole heart, when I get up in the mornings I’m happy to becoming into my office and my coworkers are more friends than colleagues. We’re a small team of around 13 women (give or take an intern), but despite all the warnings I got when I decided to join the company – working with only women actually isn’t hell. In fact, it’s freaking awesome.

1. We get mood swings.

One minute you’re happily chatting to someone, the next they’re staring daggers at their PC and threatening to throw it out the window. PMS, moodiness and general crazy swings of emotion come with the territory. We know this. We expect it. We rarely take it personally.

2. Cake is a legitimate form of breakfast.

Truth. Right now, in fact, we’re eating chocolate cake with tea for breakfast. And 80% of the time, there’s at least one jar of sweets in this office that we’re share and scoffing down. Plus, we don’t turn sugar to fat; we turn it into awesomeness.

3. Constant Support.

Having a really, really crappy day? Hug it out. When someone’s heard some bad news or had a terrible meeting, we’re there for each other. We’ll stroke each others backs, give a big hug and offer to make tea and fetch tissues. We vent to each other about friendship bust-ups, family feuds and landlord nightmares. For reals. It’s a warm, fuzzy place here.

4. Gossip, clothes and beauty

Heard a celeb cheated on his partner? Found out there’s a kickass sale at Forevernew? We want to hear it. Don’t get me wrong, we talk about current affairs like the recent arrest of a SA women in Thailand for drug smuggling and the Secrecy Bill, but we’re also light hearted. We share pop music videos, blare our favourite songs and gush over the beauty closet. We’re always chatting and sending emails of links to cute pictures.

Work isn’t work when you love your job and the people you work with. I know I’m truly blessed to have found this place and I hope to never lose it.


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