Boxes, Little Boxes, Full of….crap


Yeh. So true. Only now I’ve been packing up a whole flat. So far I have: 20 boxes, 4 bags of rubbish and 1.5 bags of things I don’t want. I did this all last year this time, so the question is: where did the 4 bags of stuff I’m throwing away COME from in just under one year? I’m not a splurger who buys unnecessary things. I’m a hoarder, I’ll give you that. But four bags bursting full of rubbish that has no purpose?

Then there’s always the missing items. So far I have not found:
1. My old point and shoot camera
2. My box full of puppy/pony/kitten/etc in my pockets
3. My dignity
I’m pretty sure 3 is a lost cause, but the other two aren’t all that small – so where did they go?

This week’s exciting adventures include getting fingerprinted for my new building, packing up the last of my belongings and moving over my more delicate objects – pictures, mirrors etc. Despite the amount of stress this move is causing me, I’m 100% glad to be saying good bye to my current flat and hello to a new place, a new energy and new step in independence!


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