The most difficult thing about 2011 is the vast amount of changes I had flung at me. I was just settling into a new job when my boss left, another company bought us over and we moved several times. Ensue some staff switch ups and several (hundred) new duties. Personal life saw the departure of a once great friend, the breaking apart of two friendships, uncertainty of my flat at least halfway through the year… So much.

Things are finally settling down. I’m signing my lease for my new place tonight, I’ve almost totally let go of the once great friend, fixed one broken friendship and am beginning to accept the loss of third. Work has stablised – our new boss is amazing, I’ve taken to my new responsibilities and learned to roll with the punches.

But most of all I found something this year I didn’t think I’d find: love. Cheese moment, yes. But for the first time in my six-year dating history, I’m in a healthy relationship with a man who respects me, cares for me and honours me every day. It’s been a strange experience, one  I resisted for a long time, but one that I’ve fully embraced.

But enough personal nostalgia about a year that kicked me in the heart.


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